Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amazing Pictures

If you look at the date and time on all but one of the following photos, you will see that they are all taken within a few days from each other.  To view them you will also notice that they are taken with the same camera.  These have to be gifts from God.  Presents that we would not otherwise know.  How wonderful is that?

I cannot take credit for these awesome photos. They were taken on a game camera that my neighbors' David and Brenda have across the street.  We weren't even home at the time and we were surely missing some great wildlife!  

This first buck has been a regular visitor all summer.  We no longer name the bucks because we are not sure that they will survive hunting season.  It's not a good idea to get attached, then see the animal destroyed or missing and know they didn't make it. We have learned to enjoy them while we can and hope for the best.

These two babies have been around all summer.  I have many videos of them and their momma.  This picture  has perfectly captured the two of them in a tender moment.  I so love it when a game camera gives you such a precious photo.

I wonder what these two will grow up to be and if they will continue to grace us with their presence as they grow.  My other neighbor told me she saw them with a cow elk one morning and wondered where their momma was when they wandered off with the elk.

This Mr. Moose has also been hanging around the neighborhood for awhile.  I have caught him on my game cameras a few times.  I love this picture where he looks right into the camera as if to say, 'you want a piece of me?'  Moose are nothing to mess around with.  Many people say they would rather encounter a bear or a cougar than an angry moose.  They are huge creatures and capable of tossing you quite a distance causing major bodily harm.  But they are fun to watch.  Never mess with a momma and her baby though or you'll be asking for it.

 Is this cow elk stretching or did she hear a noise and straining to see what's lurking in the shadows?  It's hard to tell what is on her mind, but all of these animals find this a great stopping point on a well traveled trail.  Usually the female elk are seen in groups.  So this picture poses questions.  Is this a loner or did the rest of the group just pass or are they coming up behind her.  By comparing the pictures on this page you can estimate the size of the critters.

One day my mom and I were driving down Brenda's driveway to bring her something from the store.  My mom had never been into their property before and as we approached the cabin, my mom is looking around and asks me, "is that their dog?"  I turned to where she was looking and beginning to say they don't have a dog when standing not 40 feet from our car was this bear!  He had stopped to see if he could get into a corn feeder and was as surprised to see us and we were to see him.  I said to mom, "uh, no- that's a bear!"  He watched us and we watched him for a few minutes before he ambled on his way.  We believe that this is the same bear.  He doesn't appear very old because of his size, but I wouldn't want to shake hands with him!

This is my favorite of Brenda and David's recent pictures.  It looks like a buck looking into a mirror.  Of course it's two bucks caught perfectly, you can tell by their antlers, but at first glance it really looks like a mirror image.  I think it is an awesome picture.
We have not been home for several weeks, but that is about to change.  I cannot wait to get back and check my cameras.  I won't hope for pictures this good, but I can't wait to discover what was happening while I was away.  More gifts from God, pictures taken when no one is looking.  How cool is that?  Being away sure makes me appreciate what I have at home in NEWA.

P.S.  Make sure you click on the pictures to get a really good look.

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