Saturday, June 15, 2013

NEWA Is Chores & Fun

This is my 'planted' flower garden this year.  We have a lot of wildflowers in NEWA and I enjoy those - the Nootka Rose, the Snowberries, the Dogwood, the Trapper's Tea, the Rosy Pussytoes, even the Thistles are pretty.  Nasty, but pretty.  There are many more names I have to learn.  This big purple flower is Daniel's Gift., which I planted in the circle in the middle of our driveway.
Uncle Ed and June are visiting now.  Ed and I got out our metal detectors and dug up some amazing artifacts, mostly items from the school and a bunch of nails.  I did find a half frame of a school desk that was completely intact last week.  I have started a pile of metal on the property and I figure that some day another person is going to wonder how all that junk got to where I put it.
Speaking of metal, not everything here is fun and games.  We've discovered a spring on our property only to find the headwaters buried under someone's garbage dump.  The following pictures show Richard, our neighbor with his track hoe, pulling garbage out of the ditch where the spring surfaces.  It was a mess.

We found some surprises however.  There are several bottles intact, mostly from the 50's and 60's.  Old by some standards, but not mine!  Remember when Milk of Magnesia came in glass?  Well, I now have a pretty blue glass bottle and several other interestingly shaped bottles.  They will make pretty vases of all shapes and sizes.  I will have to up-cycle them.  That seems to be all the rage today.

I think of cousin Ron when I saw the old Ford pickup truck come out of the ditch.  He is a collector of all things "cool" and he would enjoy seeing this truck first hand.  Would you believe the key is still in the ignition?  The odometer is intact and one headlight remains.  Come pick up this truck Cousin Ron.  I am sure you could get it running.  There is a tangled mess of wires under the hood, but I should warn you, there is no engine!  Oh, there isn't a hood either.

Once the ditch was cleared, you can see beautiful, crystal clear spring water bubbling up from the ground.  Our dog Bear is drinking it and laying in it to cool off.  It must be pretty good water!

Now that we have property on the other side of the creek, we have to rebuild what once was a bridge over the creek so we can get to the other side.  But this is the subject of another blog since it is only in the planning stages as of now.

We were able to show Ed and June a bear coming down the mountain the other day.  It was a treat for them and fun to watch.  You don't often get wildlife on demand to show up.  We have a very pregnant doe wandering the property and the other day I caught a momma elk with her baby on film.

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