Wednesday, May 29, 2013

32 More

I have had a dry spell with my blog and today I have five posts swimming around in my head.  I am not sure where to start.  Today was awesome with several deer pictures on the camera, then four cow elk, then a black bear.  I am amazed every time I download pictures from my three cameras.  Wildlife has patterns, favorite trails and it is fun to be surprised at the pictures you catch.

When we moved to NEWA, we never expected to meet and get to know the wonderful people who live here.  Jaded by recent events in Nevada after having served as public ‘officials’, Don and I both had our share of self-centered, domineering, ‘self-made’ people.  We moved to NEWA with the impression that we would remain pretty much having to entertain one another.  We found something better.

Most of the people we have met in NEWA are pretty surprisingly human.  They live life to the fullest, they love deeply and once trust is earned, it is complete.  Don’t get me wrong, we have our share of wacky wierdoes who I have no time for, but for the most part, the people of NEWA are special people of a time thought past.  They care for their neighbors and would share their last meal with you.

Thus is the subject of this post.  Our close neighbors have lived here for almost as long as we lived in Nevada.  They have seen the comings and goings of times, events, politics and people.  They recently announced to us their desire to pursue their dreams elsewhere.  If they succeed in their venture, we will have new neighbors to break in and teach the ways of NEWA.  We will also miss our present neighbors terribly.

In the course of their new adventures, Don and I were offered an incredible opportunity to buy more property.  I never imagined that it would be possible.  After a few days of discussion, some simple paperwork, a generous lunch celebration, Don and I are the very proud owners of an additional 32 acres of land.  I am so excited about this happening that I could scream my joy.  We are so blessed to now own both sides of our creek, ¼ mile of road frontage and ½ mile into the woods.  I cannot begin to describe my feelings of the wonders that await us.

The animals I mentioned earlier came within sight of our house.  All in one day!  I feel like I get to go camping every day; like I live in the last frontier of America.  I feel like Grizzly Adams!  But I get to shower in the morning and sleep in a warm bed at night and have access to a washing machine and the internet.  There are compromises, but I would not trade this opportunity for anything.  We are truly blessed.

Our son graduates high school next week, another big moment in our lives.  It was a pleasure to raise Daniel and he has become a respectful, honorable, moral man.  I miss my baby boy and the times past, but look 
forward to watching the next chapter of his life. 

Times are changing and we are aging.  The message finally comes home.  Live your dreams, be yourself, love every moment and don’t wait until you are fifty to find your heart and your home.  It really is right inside you and you can be and achieve whatever you dream.  If you can’t find that, call me.  I’ll show you around NEWA.

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