Friday, August 19, 2011

Room with a View

We had a really nice dinner and great conversation tonight with Jamie-Lee and Aaron from Philly who are riding their bikes to San Francisco  Daniel and I met them today at Jack in the Box in Fernley and they were looking to spend the night in Silver Springs.  We told them that the pickins were slim and invited them to camp in the front yard at Grandma's house.

I don't envy their adventure, but I admire their strength and courage to peddle their way across the good ol' USofA.  I am sure they will have stories to tell for some time to come.

The latest pictures from Grady tonight include this one, the new "view" from the upstairs of our house!  Isn't it great?  I cannot wait until we get there and it looks like that might be Monday afternoon.

So as Jamie-Lee and Aaron complete their cross country journey next month in San Francisco, the Harina family begins their new life journey in NEWA.

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