Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pumpkin or Golden Coach?

We finished our job at Hot August Nights and we are back in move mode.  I can say that when I leave Nevada, I will be sorry to leave behind some really wonderful people that we work with at Hot August Nights.  We have 25 years of memories of this great event, from every angle.  Maybe one day we will return as spectators.  Maybe next year we'll come back and work it again.  We are just crazy enough to do that.

Much has been happening in our absence from NEWA!  First of all, our septic system is now installed and installed properly.  The tanks had to be lowered about 30" and now the "it" will flow downhill and get where it needs to go :)  It will be nice not be a bear in the woods, so to speak.  I don't think I mentioned previously that we were required to install an engineered septic system.  This required the use of two tanks and a pumping system so that the leach field would not receive too much flow to disperse at one time.  I did not know there was so much technology involved in depositing one's wastes, but whatever helps the environment, I'm all for.

Another cool development is that once the septic system was complete the underground electrical and plumbing was finished and the ground around the house looks level once again.  A little gravel here and there and it will be like it was never dug up in the first place.

This past Monday, the concrete was poured.  We had color added to our concrete and the plan is to 'polish' it and have the floor finished.  The color we choose was Spring Moss.  It looks a little dark in the pictures, but let me know what you think.  The concrete company told us that the color samples would turn out darker in actuality, therefore we picked the lightest shade of green we could find.

When I picked out the colors for the siding and the roof, I was very excited.  I think it was one of my favorite things to do.  I wanted our house to be somewhat different from what others had chosen and hoped to get lucky with a complimentary combination.  When Grady's pictures came through, my first thought was "the house is a pumpkin!"  But I am starting to like the color combination and I hope once it is complete, and in person, I'll like it even more.  Please let me know what you think.  The "orange" color is actually "copper", like penny copper. 

I have always in my life had what I call Cinderella Syndrome, believing in happily ever after.  So I guess this pumpkin is my golden coach holding all of my dreams come true.

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