Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cinderella's New Castle

I said before that the new house looks like a pumpkin and I decided that was OK because I feel like Cinderella with all my dreams coming true.  The new pictures show that the new house is not a pumpkin, but I still feel like Cinderella.
These windows all face west, away from the road and towards the wildlife and the creek.  I wish the copper showed better in the pictures, but I am so grateful for these great pictures. 

Today is our last in the Springs and tomorrow the road trip to our new adventure begins!  We are loading up the truck and moving to the high country.

I love this picture of the stairs before the walls go in.  It looks huge. 

The photos are loading slowly with this internet connection, so I cease for now.  The next post may be a while as we have no internet, TV or much of anything, including cell service on the property.  Our goal is to be there on Monday.  So until next time . . .

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