Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Home!

It’s really really official now, being here in NEWA.  We arrived one week ago today after a two car two flat tire 900 mile journey north.  So much has happened since then, much that requires explanation.  First of all, here in NEWA we have no services.  As in no telephone, no internet, no cell service, no television.  Mom has found a radio station she likes out of Ottowa.  I feel like I’ve time travelled to an earlier date.

Our new home is magnificent.  I know you realize that I say this because it is new.  New to us, new to the neighborhood and new materials.  But it’s more than that.  This is a new type of construction based on centuries old practice.  That’s what makes it so fascinating.  Our last home was of the same type of newness being a log home and being built by novices.  Our new home is not being built by novices at all.

First of all when we arrived last week I was in awe of the building.  I mentioned before that it looked like a pumpkin in the pictures, but really when you drive up the road and catch the first glimpse of it – it looks more like a big cabin in the woods, built of cedar.  It’s only when you get close do you realize the exterior is steel and there is a band of sage green around its middle.  The three colors remind me of the forest with sparkle!  The copper sides glisten in the sun.  The brown roof and wainscoating and the green trim blend with the trees perfectly.  Even the builder and his helpers admit I wasn’t completely wacko when I picked the colors as many thought in the beginning.
The windows and placement couldn’t be better.  I think I mentioned before that we bought almost all of the windows from a selection of reject windows in Reno.  So they are not only new-recycled, they are Low-E, energy efficient and will have 12” sills which sounds crazy at first, but looks really cool in person.

When we arrived, the walls were not built on the first floor yet.  The building looked massive when you walked inside, but has since taken shape into practical rooms.  You enter the front door next to the garage and arrive in the living room.  That’s where most of the windows are and they face south and to the west to take advantage of the view (southern exposure).  Beyond the living room will be the dining/kitchen table and behind that the kitchen.  Beyond the kitchen is my huge back porch (10x36).  To the right of the kitchen is the downstairs bath, then mudroom.  So picture “L” shaped living downstairs.  Behind the garage is a door to the mudroom and the stairs.

Ascend the stairs to a wide hallway.  To the right is first the master closet, then the bedroom.  Due to the steep pitch of the roof, the only bedroom windows are to the north and face the forest.  There’s a peek-a-boo view of the mountains behind.  To the left of the stairs is the upstairs bath.  Last week Keith climbed up on the roof and installed the roof vents, woodstove jack and solar tube for the bath.  The light that shines into the bathroom is intense. It really makes up for not having a window.

To the left of that is the front bedroom (Daniel’s room).  It is also the best view in the house.  A big window, along with two smaller ones, allows for a view right down the valley.  Your thoughts as you tour this space are how easy it seems with only doors on the bathrooms and not a bunch of wasted space or area to clean.  It seems big and small at the same time!  It’s great to be home!

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