Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seriously, why?

So many people have asked us "How did you find your property?  Why would you move there?"  And there are two appropriate responses.  The first is, if you go there, you'll know why.  The second is, ask anyone who lives there.  They will tell you why.

NEWA is one of the last undiscovered 'frontiers' of the United States.  I know that sounds silly, but I believe it.  I'll bet that outside of Alaska (I've been there and can say for sure), that there are very few places in the U.S. where you can still buy a piece of land and feel like no one has come before you.  That it holds undiscovered secrets.

In fact, there was an old school on our property - Cedar Creek School.  The foundation is still there, even though the school was dismantled years ago.  Daniel and I found parts of an old desk and a lot of broken glass.  Several bricks and the complete stone foundation including the steps still remain.  Don has checked out the old dug well that served the school.  The neighbors just took the school's old outhouse to the Colville Museum for preservation.  The area is teaming with history and I plan to learn as much as I can about the school.

There is something so primitive about NEWA.  Our Cedar Creek has never been lived on because it was a part of a bigger ranch.  Sure cows have spent some time here, but if you listen closely, you can almost hear the school children chasing each other up and down the meadow at recess time.  Oh how I would love to know their life stories.

So this couple (us), born and raised in Sacramento and having lived 30 years in the Nevada desert took a road trip (one of many) and fell in love with a new territory!  Sounds just like the pioneers that made their way along the Oregon Trail or those that traveled with Lewis and Clark or Major Wesley Powell.  They saw something that maybe some others were destined to find also, but they found 'home', a place they knew in their hearts was where they were meant to settle.  We are blessed for the opportunity.

Our 'home' is making progress, here are the latest pictures from Grady!  Every time I open my browser and I have email from Grady, I get tingly all over.  It's like having a school girl crush!


  1. this looks so cool! I love seeing the photos.

  2. That's how we found our place too. Took a drive and said, "Yep, I could see living there." NEWA is a great place for that!