Saturday, July 30, 2011

History Lesson

Three years ago when we decided to buy property in NEWA and move to Washington, Don was freshly retired (2006) from Coca-Cola.  He had begun spending winters in Oregon working on the crab dock for our friends Mike and ZJ.  Since Daniel is still in school, (junior this year), one of us had to stay put to keep the home fires burning.  We would move when and if our house sold.  
Time went by and last summer our friend Nancy asked us if we wanted help her with the organization and selling of the Hot August Nights merchandise in Reno.  Don had been involved with Hot August Nights in Reno since it's inception in 1986 as Manager of Coca-Cola.  He and Nancy had worked together on special projects for the event for many years.  For those of you who aren't aware, Hot August Nights is a trip back to the 1950's with classic cars, sock hops, music and all kinds of fun.  I too have had a share of that adventure, planning for the annual visit of over 100 of Don's customers for the event.

So our commitment is to work to prepare for the event and work the event in the summer.  This year Hot August Nights begins next weekend and runs for nine days.  It is a full time, time and a half, round the clock job that we need to sleep for 24 hours when it is over.  After August 15th, we will be in 'move' mode and headed north.

In the meantime, the pictures show why we don't need to be on the job site at this time.  Thanks again to Grady, these pictures tell you the story of why Keith and his partner need no guidance from us.  I hope you can see the garage door, front door and some of the west windows in these pictures.  They are framed in and will be visible soon.

Here in Nevada, we just had 24 hours of gully-washer rain, lightening, and thunder.  There were several lightening caused fires.  Although the ground is wet, you can almost hear the water evaporating in the dry Nevada air and the sun is once again shining.

I cannot say enough how excited I am to see these pictures. When we finally do get to NEWA it will seem like an amazing new place!  It will be interesting to see how our critters Bear and Diego adjust to their new digs.  Weiner is already acclimated.  And, it will be another adventure to see our three generation, family of four fit into Grandma's park model while Keith buttons up the new place!

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