Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making New Friends!

Through a set of really weird circumstances, Don and I have become what I would say, is really good friends with our neighbors across the street.  Brenda and David don't live here full time yet, but they will eventually and we will be happy to welcome them when they get here.

They don't actually live directly across the street either, but their place is across the main road from ours and they fell in love with this area just like we did.

We became good friends over the telephone.  We had some 'issues' in common and we sat down and talked them out and came to productive conclusions together.

That's the kind of thing that becomes a solid foundation for a good friendship.  Now the four of us (and Daniel) continue to enjoy our telephone conversations and brief visits when they are able to visit their property.

By the way, their property is beautiful.  It is very different than ours, yet the features are equally enticing.  We had an old school house on our property and they have an old homestead on theirs.  We have 20 +/- acres and they have 40.  We have our wonderful creek and they have this awesome pond!  We have wildlife and they have WILD wildlife.  They have several more game cameras than we do, but one in particular has seen a LOT of action this summer.

Also, as you can see, Brenda takes wonderful pictures.  She also paints really great wildlife pictures, but that is a whole other  post.  The pictures you see that do not depict game camera identity were taken by Brenda herself.  

Both she and David have come up close and personal with a bear at their cabin.  Seems they had a sack of corn behind the cabin and Brenda heard a noise back there and went to investigate. What she found was a skinny black bear helping himself to the corn.  He wasn't giving it up either.  She cautiously backed away from the bear and went inside the cabin to watch him enjoy his snack.  David, on the other hand, gave the bear a good standoff, but the bear ate his fill before he decided to depart.

 Their favorite time on their property is watching the moose come into the pond for a bath and a swim.  The pond covers several acres, has resident beavers and is a great draw for wildlife.  The moose love water and like to eat some of the water plants.  This year, Brenda was able to take these great pictures of a moose during his water ritual.  Isn't he a beautiful animal?

Thanks to Brenda's and David's generosity, I am able to share these pictures with you.  Now, every time I see them, I can't wait to hear and see what new animals they've 'discovered'.

David is an avid hunter, but he much prefers 'shooting' the local wildlife with a camera.  These animals are our neighbors and friends.  It is fun to watch the deer grow and decide which animals come back time after time to their favorite watering holes.

Don and I spent just yesterday morning with the scope and our binoculars watching a bear up on the hill behind our property enjoying the sun and his breakfast of local berries!

We are very much enjoying spending time with ALL of our new friends, both the two-legged and four-legged variety!

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