Saturday, August 18, 2012

Call me Dorothy

We just spent a month in Nevada.  It is hard to believe that just a year ago, we lived there for 30 years.  It isn't the same and it definitely is not home anymore.  The neighbors are still great, even the ones who bought our house!  It occurs to me that 'home' is where you make it and NEWA is definitely 'home' for us now.  All of us.  Even the dogs seemed happy to return.  The cat was ecstatic because he was left alone for a few days and we were surprised to find him waiting in the wood pile for us to return.

The event that took us to Nevada was our annual job working for Nancy during Hot August Nights.  This is an annual car show in Reno which boasts several thousand hot rods and muscle cars and everything in between from the 50's, 60's, older and younger.  The cars are awesome.  The heat is unbearable, triple digit, dry out your bones, hot.

Nancy has the official merchandise concession for this event.  That involves designing, purchasing and marketing all of the T-shirts, hats, and other paraphernalia that one finds at such events.  Then it has to be marketed and sold in many locations over a very short period of time.

Don and I help with logistics, staffing, organizing, marketing, setting up booths, and keeping things running from onset to clean-up. It is a cumbersome task, but knowing that it doesn't go on forever keeps us returning.  This was our third year.

Daniel also works the event and did an awesome job this year working in various booths for long hours. I am proud of the responsible man that he has become.

We worked long hours for just over a month and lived in a trailer park in our 21 foot motor home.  The three of us.  Did I mention the triple digit weather?  Anyway, the hours were long, I got re-hooked, like I do every year on Starbucks, and we are so glad it is over.

Then, instead of sleeping for 24 hours after the event which we would normally do, we drove out to Silver Springs to begin sorting and hauling yet another load of our stuff to NEWA. Thirty years of living in one place accumulated a LOT of 'stuff'.  We agreed not to go back to Nevada before winter and therefore loaded the trailer with as much as we could.  It was very heavy and the drive back to NEWA yesterday took 18 hours.  Don drove the entire way.  Daniel and I slept off and on and I got to sit in the back seat with Bear and Weiner!  Bear weighs 70 lbs. :)

When we drove up the driveway at midnight, you could hear the collective sigh of homecoming.  The weeds were growing tall and our 'park' looked more like the woods we originally purchased.  It didn't matter to us because it was home.

The house stayed clean from lack of use, it was cool and comfortable and it felt so good to be home.  We all crawled into bed after deciding finding our toothbrushes could wait until morning.

This morning, after sleeping in, Don and I sat on the back porch and just felt the feeling of being 'home'.  After a while, I walked down to where I had strapped my game camera for the duration and found 277 pictures waiting for me.  Surprisingly there were no wind pictures.  All were of the deer and a few were very nice.  One was silly as the doe must have had a curiosity about the camera.  No bear or moose or cougar, but that's not a bad thing.

Since we have no groceries, we took our neighbors Gail and Grady out for a meal this afternoon in gratitude for watching out for mom and the property and we are taking the night off.  The mowing and unpacking begins tomorrow.  I feel like Dorothy from my favorite movie.  I have survived my tornado and there really is "no place like home".

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