Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Day in the Woods

Where spring enters creek.
Don and I went for a two hour walk today and never left the property.  There is still some snow on the ground as you can see and in some places it is two feet deep.  Other places it is gone.  The ground is somewhat soggy from recent rains and the creek is running really well! 

We were able to get down to a spot we had never been before because of overgrowth.  It is where a natural spring comes out of the ground.  That too, is running fairly well.  I can't wait to have the spring water tested.

The dogs and the adopted kitty "Bones" followed us everywhere.  Weiner mostly rode in Don's coat, but Bear and I fought over following in Don's footsteps forging the trail where the snow was still deep.  It's quite a workout walking in the snow.

I have mentioned before that when we were looking for property, I insisted on a creek, river, some type of running water.  There is just something so relaxing (and reassuring) about having available surface water.  Our Cedar Creek does not run real close to the house.  It is roughly 130-150' feet away.  Most of the year you can hear the creek flowing from just outside the house.  This time of year, it sounds like a waterfall.

According to Google Earth, we have 58' of creek drop on our property.  We have started researching the possibility of hydroelectricity capabilities.  It kind of seems silly because our electric bill here is less than we paid for water in Nevada, but it's always nice to be able to depend on yourself if it ever becomes necessary.

I've been wondering since we moved here if there are fish in the creek.  I love to fish.  I love to catch fish.  I love to eat fish.  I don't even mind cleaning fish.  The lake that our creek comes out of has lots of fish.  That would make it seem reasonable that there are fish in our creek.  But you have to understand that there are three miles between our place and Cedar Lake.  Until the creek reaches our property, it pretty much is a ditch that has been 'created' to reduce the wetland floodplain that occurred naturally in the vicinity in the past. 

This 'ditch' has a lot of weeds and grasses growing in it and I am sure smart fish would find their way north to our creek, but I haven't had a chance yet to try catching any.  Old timers in the area have told me that they used to fish in the creek.  So I will just have to find out.  Soon.

We saw a bunch of deer and moose or elk tracks today.  They are passing so close to the house it's a wonder we haven't seem them yet this spring.  They must be waiting for dark to get out and explore.  We did have a turkey looking in our window the other morning.
Interesting seed pods still clinging to the tree.

Found ourselves quite a few stickers and burrs down by the creek too.  We spent some time pulling them out of our socks and brushing Bear dog when we got back to the house.  As you wander through bushes and plants that have yet to bloom, you get all kinds of ideas about what would be nice to get rid of and where to trim branches so you have better access.  Good thing we are planning to stay here awhile because these projects will probably line up for years to come.

Looking north at the house and Wee Mansion (Grandma's)
We were also scoping out spots for a woodshed and other structures to house our 'vehicles' and other collections of 'stuff' we are unable to part with.  This seems like a minor task, but when you don't want to spoil the view in any direction, it's hard to figure out where to put things.

It is really nice after winter to get out and explore.  The fresh air smells so good and is crisp and clear.  There is the sound of creek flowing and calling to invite you to come soon and sit for a while on its bank.  You get all kinds of ideas for being outside and growing things or making things or just enjoying the view.

I made a short video of the creek flowing just so you can watch, hear and enjoy the moment.  I hope that it works correctly.  I am not a techno geek, just a simple geek.

For those waiting on a building update, we are working on the house.  We have installed most of the kitchen tile for the back splash and are getting ready to install the counter top tile.  I am SO very excited about the way it looks (awesome!), that I am holding out pictures until it is done. 

Looking north up the road to Canada.
We have to be patient in our progress due to other commitments:  ordering wood to be picked up for window trim, taking the dog to the eye doctor (yes, the eye doctor) then having her teeth extracted to hopefully fix her eye (27 extractions), then a carnival at school, AND cleaning out the storage unit and finding room for everything.  We aren't lazy, just busy. 

And now that spring is in the air, I could certainly get a whole lot lazy.

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