Friday, September 2, 2011

No Labor this Labor Day!

I've lived in the woods a week and a half now and I am still amazed.  This morning was gorgeous, cool and quiet.  I get up at 5:45 and get a shower (to function, not a morning person) and make lunch and breakfast to see Daniel down the lane to wait for the school bus at 7:10.

Don and I are sleeping in the travel trailer.  Daniel sleeps in the loft of mom's Wee Mansion (see related post) and mom sleeps in her room, along with our cat Diego.  Bear and Weiner sleep in the trailer with Don and I.  Bear is usually an outside dog, but the coyotes have spent several evenings trying to lure him away for what I am sure would be a grand feast (on Bear)!  We keep a close eye on the little Weiner, she only weighs 9 lbs. and there is a big hawk that circles each morning looking for breakfast.

Bear and I took a walk up into the woods this morning.  It was neat to see the sun filtering through the trees.  The greens are SO green and there are still many flowers in bloom and lots of berries.  We have Oregon Grape and Huckleberries on the property.  Plus there are more cedar trees up in the woods and when you are surrounded by them you really feel like you are in the forest.

Construction has slowed.  Keith at Black Bear Builders has finished his part of the task, erecting the building, and he will return once the garage door comes in (from back order).  Yesterday, we had Blue Mountain Plumbing here all day installing all the pipes that will bring in the well water and take out the waste.  They also installed the downstairs shower.  They will be back today for some finish up, inspections and our frame inspection. 
Late next week the electricians arrive to do their thing, then we can insulate and sheet the walls.  I wish you could see the concrete floor.  It's so smooth.  It actually makes you want to sweep up the dust and debris which Don and I did this morning.  Once we get the sealer on, it is supposed to really show the color (spring moss).

Upstairs the solar tube is shining down on us.  You can't stand to look up into it because it so brightly reflects the sun.  It reminds me of those shiny 18-wheelers that you follow down the road that are so polished the suns reflection blinds you.

The new internet connection is going to make it almost impossible to upload photos to the blog.  I opted for dial up since the promised Wild Blue satellite will now not be available until November.  It's great for straight typing and one window open at a time, but wait, wait, wait for everything else.  I'm not complaining, I just forgot how we take these things for granted.  We got a land-line phone installed this week (Centurylink) and it's unlimited local and long distance for $45 (+taxes) a month.  This seems like a good deal but I guess since everyone uses cell phones, the land line companies need to compete with that.

I just tried to preview this post to see where I stand and that doesn't seem possible either.  I am going to attempt to upload some photos and post. If that doesn't prove successful, I will load up in the car and drive the .4 miles up the neighbors driveway to access his wireless system and finish my thoughts.  One final thought is thank each of you who read my posts.  I am simply enjoying this time of my life and trying to record some of it and share it.  I would certainly love to read about your adventures (large and small) and encourage you to record some of it yourself!

OK, 1/2 hour to upload two photos (not very good ones either) and I quit.  No preview, so let's see how this plan works for me.  Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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