Friday, July 22, 2011

"Wee Mansion"

On or about June of 2010, the "Wee Mansion" arrived!  It was a very exciting day.  This 'home' has been a dream of Grandma's for about 10 years.  She saw them on a visit to Minnesota and decided that a park model type home was exactly what she would like to live in.

It took some searching.  We visited several places that sold park model type homes on our adventures and their quality and price range was all over the board. 

If you aren't aware, a park model is a manufactured home that is under 400 square feet.  It qualifies as an RV.  Although not easy to move from location to location, they were originally built for vacation communities where you buy a small lot of land, say near a lake and the entire community is made up of these park models.  One great example of this is  We spent nine days at Christmas here the first year Don worked on the crab dock.  It was so much fun!  That trip sold us on Grandma's idea for a home.

We already knew we were one day going to move to NEWA, so the search began.  We searched 'high' and we searched 'low'.  Things happen when they are supposed to, but we thought we would have sold our house and started the new one first.  We did not know that the perfect park model would come along before we were ready to move!
Wee Mansion arrived in style.  We watched as she came down the driveway and to rest in her 'spot' in the tall trees. 

It has a full kitchen, living room, small dining area, a place for washer/dryer, full bath and one bedroom.  There is a complete loft over the bath and bedroom.  The loft has a bunch of space that is not included in the square footage.  The unit is fully self contained just like an RV!  The nice thing is that you can just plug it in!

 We will stay in the Wee Mansion until we get our home habitable.  We can sleep upstairs and try not to step on each others' toes for the duration.  

There are also a ton of windows.  And the view is incredible.  We sat in the living room this June and watched the deer come through every morning and every night.  I took pictures of the momma and baby moose from my chair in the living room.  You can open all of the windows and feel like you are right outside on your own screened in porch!

 By the way, you’ll have to ask mom how her new home got the name “Wee Mansion”!
Wee Mansion came with an awesome 80 lb. snow load.

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