Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Favorite Things

I figured out my favorite reason for living here.  I love the seasons.  I really love the snow.  I love the quiet and I love the sound of the creek running.  I love hiking through all the different kinds of trees and exploring the woods.  I love how insulated this home is and how easy it is to heat.  I love the square footage and the layout.

I love (some of) my neighbors.  I love exploring the national forest just down the road.  I love that there is no traffic.  I love hiking or four wheeling right from the driveway.  I love kayaking the little lake down the road.

I love sharing my NEWA experience with you and I especially love that fact that you put up with my rantings and keep reading what I have to say.  

But these pictures show what I love most about NEWA.  It's the wildlife!  I took all of these pictures in the scope of a half an hour from inside my dining room window today.  The deer are so much fun to watch.  They come looking for treats and whether or not there are any treats, they stay and play and chase each other around like little kids.

They each have their own personalities and we have become fond of each one.  Sometimes we get a new face and it's fun to see if they will return or if they were just passing through.

The does always travel together, at least most of the time.  It is very rare to see bucks hanging out together and close enough to get more than one in a picture.  Especially looking content.

We share this love of the animals with some of our neighbors.  Both Brenda and I love taking pictures of the wildlife.  She takes better pictures than I do, but she lets me share hers also.  Sharing wildlife stories is almost as fun as experiencing them first hand.

Some people never get to experience this kind of real life wildlife.  I cannot imagine that.  I think everyone should have the opportunity.  It makes me grateful for our national parks.  

A few days ago, I put together some video (very amateur video) of a bunch of my wildlife pictures from this year.  Some I took while I was still learning to use my camera.  So they aren't great quality, but the subject matter is fascinating.  At least it is to me.  Other shots are from my game cameras.  Some of those pictures are really good and others aren't, but to feel that close to the subject matter is rather exciting!

If you are interested in my 2012 NEWA Experience video, drop me a comment or email and I'll figure out a way to get you one.  These moments are just too good not to share. 

 I am so glad my NEWA Experience includes the wildlife.  It's my favorite thing about living here!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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