Saturday, September 15, 2012


Take a look at Buck.  He was two of the twenty three videos my game camera recorded last night after I moved it into the apple tree.  The setting called for too much zoom and I adjusted that today.  This video and  one of a fawn are my favorites.  And considering that the camera is pointed at the ground, I have one video with three does in it.

The hunters are patrolling because now it is bow season.  Soon the muzzle-loaders will arrive and after that, the big guns.  I hope our bucks make it through the season.

I hope you are enjoying my NEWA Experience.  I wish I could post all my videos, but satellite internet is slow and prohibitive.  I still have my funny one to post, but need to find a way to delete the audio, since I filmed it out the window while standing next to the television.  Hopefully, I can share that one also.

In the meantime . . . Buck!

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