Friday, June 22, 2012

Sweet Dreams

I feel like a kid in a candy store.  Tonight, for the first time in over a year, I get to sleep in my own bed.  This sounds crazy, I am sure.  But moving for us wasn't simple.  Technically, we've been sleeping on our mattress on the floor since November.  Whatever you may think, it isn't the same thing.

Our dachshund, Wiener, became 'our dog' just over two years ago.  We found her in the yard, under the woodshed, shaking like a leaf.  It took us five weeks to get close to her.  She isn't a puppy.  As a matter of fact, we have no idea how old she is other than she has started to get a white muzzle in the last six months.  Then there are the eye problems and the fact that she has never been spayed.

She came into heat a couple of times the first year, then nothing until a couple weeks ago.  Our big Australian Shepherd, Bear thinks he wants her.  Note his silly grin.  We're talking about a 70 pound neutered male enamoured by a nine pound miniature dachshund.  He follows her everywhere.  She taunts him and he is acting crazy, doing really crazy 'things' that seem unmentionable.

The reason I bring this up is that in the last week our mattress on the floor has become not only a long way down to lay your head, but Bear thinks it is a place to 'get his kicks' with the blankets.  We are now leaving him outside all day and confining him to the laundry room at night.  He sneaked upstairs into our bedroom on two occasions and after 'humping' our blankets, he relieved himself at the foot of our bed; not on the mattress, but on the edge of the blankets and sheets.  This would be laughable if it wasn't funny!

Another drawback of sleeping so close to the floor is getting up in the morning.  It's a long way up for a 53 year old woman who is overweight.  It takes a great deal of energy and muscle capacity in a sleep induced stupor to rise in the morning.  Some days, I have to potty so bad that I barely make it to the bathroom down the hall.  This is NOT funny.  (I can hear you laughing.)  Let's see you pop out a 9 pound 4 ounce baby at age 36 and not have bladder issues when you are 53!

My point is that I am euphoric to have my bed back.  It has been way too long.  As long as I have been missing my bathtub, but I don't have that yet either.  I am clean because we have a shower, but a woman misses her 'bath time".

It has been a long time since we put this bed together.  Four of the eight bolts for the frame were attached, but not enough to secure the head and foot frames.  We hunted for extra bolts and could not find any until I accidentally spotted them in the windowsill right next to where we were working (image that!).  It took Don and I quite some time to master the rebuild and get it square for the box springs.  Simple jobs are always the most complicated.

I still don't have my blankets and sheets the way I want them, (some are still in the wash because of the dog), but I can't wait to lie down tonight and feel the cool air coming in from the window and the smell of the pine outside.  In the morning when I wake up, the view of the tops of those trees and the birds chirping will make that year of waiting very worthwhile.

I am looking forward to sweet dreams.

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