Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turned on by Lights

Downstairs Bath

  We have lights!  It’s phenomenal!  We’ve been walking around in the dark for weeks.  It’s so cool to see the lights you picked out and bought online and wonder how they will look.  They look great!

Ceiling fans in the bedrooms.  I bought Hunter brand.  You cannot even hear them running.  The electrician (Don at Floener Electric) had the foresight to put the fans and lights on different switches.  You can turn on the light and not the fan or the fan and not the light.  You only need the chain to change the speed.  I know this is a silly thing to get excited over because they make remote control lights and fans now.  I think those are stupid.  When I can’t get off my butt to turn on a light, I’m in real trouble.

Most of my lights have seedy glass.  I love seedy glass.  Do you know what that is?  I didn’t until I started shopping.  It looks old fashioned with little bubbles in it.  Some have candle bulbs with candle bases.  It looks really cool.  I feel like it is Christmas in NEWA.

My new favorite thing is dimmer switches!  We got four!  One is in the living room where we had four ceiling lights installed.  Each has two candle tip bulbs and you can dim the entire room.  With the seedy glass, it looks really neat and reflects well on the ceiling.

I didn’t want a big gaudy chandelier in the dining room.  So I bought a pendant light.  That’s the type that drops from the ceiling on a pole instead of a chain.  This is also seedy glass.  When the glass is clear it looks best to use clear light bulbs.  The dining room light will take a 100 watt bulb.  It is amazingly bright and I am so glad we put this one on a dimmer.  I picture romantic dinners at my mom’s antique dining room table.  I need to find someone to share these with though because Don isn’t the slightest bit romantic.  (Sigh)

Hall lights
The light in my pantry which you can’t even see unless you go inside and turn around and look over the door is also neat.  It looks like an old fashioned lantern.  The bulb is called an Edison bulb.  Have you heard of these?  They look like the light bulb that Thomas Edison invented.  All coiled up inside where the light shines.  I feel like I am in an old cellar instead of under my stairwell.

West of the house taken today 11/30.
Taken today of the house in the sunshine!
The hall is also on a dimmer.  The four lights that are tied together on one switch are one at the bottom of the stairs, one on the wall near the top of the stairs and two in the hall at the top of the stairs between the bedrooms.  Three of these lights are the same, ceiling lights, also seedy glass.  The light in the stairwell is a wall sconce and I think it is my favorite of all the lights.  It looks like a candle hanging in a metal frame.  (All the fixtures are bronze.)  It is such a romantic light.  I would love to do a whole room in several of this light.  The dimmer is controlled upstairs.  We did this because we don’t have bedroom doors and if someone is sleeping and you need to move around to the bathroom or up and down the stairs late at night, you can do so without disturbing the other sleepers.

Grandma's house behind circle drive
The back porch has three big ceiling fixtures with seedy glass.  (Did I mention I love that?)  Each has two sixty watt bulbs.  I mentioned before that the porch is 10' x 36', so it can take lots of light.  It would also be nice to subdue the lighting and this is dimmer number four.  My new fascination is dimmers.  They are so cool.  I think I mentioned that to.  Then we put a pair of flood lights at the center of each side of the house.  They are controlled inside exactly behind where they are located.  For instance, if you are in the dining room, you can turn on the flood light to the west right there on the west wall.  This is the same for the light on the east between our house and moms.
Weiner scratching her eye on the snow.

The two flood lights on the north and south end are controlled both upstairs and downstairs at the window.  So if we hear a noise or see a deer or something even better, we can turn on the floodlight and check it out.
I think it is rather obvious but I will state it officially.  I am turned on by my lights!

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