Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hunting 'Smart Buck'

I love hunting.  I think it’s a respectable sport (for the most part) and it is necessary if managed correctly.  Now that we live in NEWA, we are in excellent position to hunt.  The pickings in Nevada were slim.  Oh there were plenty of animals to hunt, it just wasn’t so easy.

Here on our property I have an entirely different perspective.  I don’t want to hunt our neighbors and friends the deer, elk, moose, bear or mountain lion.  I am sure if an animal were to become aggressive and threaten my family or our pets, I could shoot without hesitation.  I just like to enjoy the occasional visits from these animals and not ‘hunt’ them.

The game camera I acquired has been one of the best toys I’ve received as an adult.  I love trekking down to it every few days to see if we’ve captured anything new on film.  It is as exciting to see a bunny rabbit on the path as it is to see three visits by the same (I think) doe.  It was extremely exciting to finally get pictures of the black bear that has been leaving his ‘evidence’ all around.  I want to meet him personally from a safe distance, but there are no guarantees and photographs are (almost) as good.

We went to town yesterday for a plywood run and saw several hunters on the road.  They say it gets thick with them this time of year.  We’ve heard the occasional shots, but so far the activity is light.  (Or maybe all those dump trucks have scared away hunter and animal alike this year.)

We have several friends who hunt.  Bob, Mike, Bill, Gene, Dave, Randy, Pete and of course Daniel hunts.  Mike and Bill went to Africa two years ago and hunted some exotic animals.  They showed us pictures and had several mounted for display.  Gene started hunting again just last year and shot a nice buck in Nevada, east of Fallon. 

Randy and Pete took Daniel on his first deer hunt (successful) when he was 13 years old.  They are both avid hunters and both have been very successful at it.  Our newest hunting friend is Dave, the guy who bought our log home in Nevada.  Dave is a big bow hunter.  He and Daniel had some bow practice together before we moved north.  All of these men are respectful hunters.

Many people don’t believe in hunting.  They may only see it as an animal’s death.  But proper management of wildlife has become necessary.  As people, we have encroached on the territories of different species, we have eliminated or greatly reduced portions of the food chain and we’ve altered the environments of some animals.  I wish we didn’t have to kill any animals.  (Except for bugs.  I really don’t like bugs.)  Hunting is necessary and can be accomplished with dignity and respect for an animal species.  This is my stand on hunting.  

On that note, here are some pictures from my game camera, from my hunting friends and lastly, a tribute to the mighty buck during hunting season.  This beautiful buck pictured is hiding out during hunting season in a backyard in Carson City.  (And we’re supposed to be the intelligent species.)

Mike's Water Buffalo

Part of Bill's African collection

Gene's Deer (Nevada)

Daniel's pig (Lake County, CA)
Daniel's first deer (Nevada)

Smart Buck, Carson City,  NV

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