Monday, July 11, 2011

A New Life!

We have sold our home in the high desert and this is the beginning of a new journey.  Our new life will begin in a very different neighborhood on 20 acres in the woods.  Today, this journey begins.  I will call it the NEWA Experience.

Today, Keith at Black Bear Buildings, began to break ground on our new home.  We have earned the right to allow someone else to help on this project and Keith is the perfect choice.  He is a very caring man and has the utmost consideration for our wants and needs, along with a special talent for making us feel that each building he erects is near and dear to his heart.  I can't wait to see our combined efforts!

Stevens County Washington is an interesting place to begin anew.  The people there are some of the nicest I've ever met.  Our new neighbors were welcoming and helpful.  They remind me of a time gone by, like it was in Nevada many years ago.  There is no competition among friends, no "keeping up with the Joneses".  They don't make you feel as if you have invaded their turf.  I feel lucky to know them.

Now don't let me convince you I've found utopia.  The county 'officials' haven't been a breeze to deal with.  I think they are also wonderful, friendly people, but they are operating under a recent new set of rules and taking them VERY seriously.  These will be interesting hurdles to overcome.

So welcome to the NEWA Experience.  I will be posting frequently as time permits so that I can share the experience of beginning a new chapter in the lives with which we have been blessed.  Thank you for sharing with me and please write and tell me about your 'experience'. - HUGS, Robin

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